New Plastic Cards Can Increase Business

Plastic Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards are the key to not only promoting your business, but instilling future sales with your existing customers. Plastic Gift Cards also increase the number of new customers coming in to redeem their gifts. Loyalty Card offers bring in customers seeking discounts on new purchases and always gets them thinking about the next time the will purchase from your store. As one of the leading manufacturers of plastic gift cards, GlobalPCF Inc. has supplied plastic cards for top retail companies like Walgreens, Target, American Express and Disney Stores.

New Plastic Cards Bring Benefits in Advertising Your Business

Generating new business and making new customer connections is a big benefit to a successful plastic card program. Not only will your existing customers find Plastic Cards appealing, they will in turn give out or tell other new potential customers about them. Branding on your new plastic cards raise awareness and gets your brand out in the public arena where new customers will identify with your business. There are many advertising and branding opportunities with plastic cards. This is because of the many diverse things plastic cards can be used for today, such as: hotel key access, gift card purchases, church programs, fundraising programs, membership cards, employee identification, loyalty card programs, plus many more applications. Plastic cards for business has been increasing in popularity for several years now and the cost of acquiring plastic cards with GiftcardsVPI has never been lower. We offer affordable custom plastic cards at the lowest prices around.

Plastic Card Production and Supply

Since our cards are produced with state-of-the-art digital equipment, you can be sure that your cards will be of high quality, durable and be a valued gift item by your customers. In addition, our bar-coding, magnetic stripe and variable data printing options are fully customizable to meet any specific needs. Your gift card can also be ordered in combination with the convenient key tag card, which is a smaller version of your gift card or loyalty card that can be easily attached to a key chain or stowed in a wallet.

Plastic Card Design Services

Our plastic card design service helps companies that need a new design create cards. For companies that already have a plastic card design, we can print directly from your own supplied plastic card artwork. All of our custom printed plastic cards offer high resolution graphics and vibrant color from our digital printing process. We offer options for plastic card production such as unique plastic card textures or transparent plastic cards for or a highly appealing visual appearance. Your customers will truly see your new plastic cards as an outstanding item of high value.


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Plastic Loyalty Cards
In addition to Plastic Gift Cards we also make Plastic Loyalty Cards for your customers. With the addition of Plastic Loyalty Cards your customers will be able to receive the benefits and discounts related to your Loyalty Card Program.
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